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What it Costs to Install A Stairlift

A stairlift can be an important product for many people who suffer from mobility issues. The stairlift allows people the freedom to access the upstairs of their homes and get back down again in a safe way.

Automatic stair lift

There is a wide range of stairlifts available for people to purchase. They fit onto all types of stairs, whether they’re straight or curved. A staircase lift can be installed on any kind of staircase. The stairlift track can be purposely designed for each staircase.

As you can imagine, many people are concerned about how much a stairlift will cost, as it’s a large piece of electrical equipment. People worry about the amount it will cost to ins a stairlift.

Some people will also wonder how much the running costs will be. They’ll want to ensure they can cover the cost once it’s set up.

A stairlift can be customised to the staircase’s length, and that goes for both straight and curved stairlifts. Straight stairlifts will generally be shorter in length than a curved stairlift, as the straight stairlift will require less track. This is based on average-sized homes within the UK.

If your property has stairs that lead you to either the back or front garden, the great news is that you can also purchase outdoor stairlifts. They will be able to handle all the elements. However, the cost will be dependant on the length and other factors.

The price of a stairlift can be hard to say. Each home is different, and various factors need to be taken into consideration. However, to get a standard straight stairlift, the average price is around £1,800 to £2,100.

For curved stairlifts, the price will be higher, but as with the straight stairlift, it can be difficult to give an exact price. You should be able to get a curved stairlift for an average cost of around £3,900 to £4,100. You can see how there’s quite a difference in the average price between the two different types of stairlifts.

Stairlift prices differ for outside options too. An outdoor stairlift can have an average price of around £3,200 and £3,400.

The prices above are averages based on standard models and can easily increase or decrease with various factors.

Factors That Will Alter the Price of a Stairlift

There are a few factors that will affect the stairlift prices, as some factors will increase the cost, whereas some will decrease. The below factors will need to be taken into consideration to get an idea of the type of cost you will be likely to pay.

Type of Staircase – Straight or Curved

Stair lift on staircase

This is the major factor that will determine the price of a new stairlift. This is because a curved stairlift will always cost more than a straight stairlift, and unfortunately, you can’t change the shape of your staircase.

It would have been designed to ensure that it fits in with the rest of the home. It would cost a lot of money to lift stairs, remove the whole staircase, and put in place a new one.

Stairlifts that are installed on a straight staircase will require only a straight track, whereas a curved stairlift will require a curved track. This, as you can imagine, is more detailed due to the way it curves around the bends.

To ensure your lift can transport a person adequately and safely from the bottom to the top, you may need more than one curved piece of track. This will also increase the actual length of the complete track.

The Condition of the Stairlift – New or Reconditioned

The good news is that you can buy stairlifts that have been reconditioned, and this will lower the overall cost. The only issue with a reconditioned stairlift is that you will need to find one that will fit your staircase and have a long enough track to reach from the bottom to the top.

Straight stairlifts are easier to buy reconditioned then curved stairlifts. With a curved one, the track will be based on their staircase design. You can buy a curved stairlift you will need to pay additionally for the track to be added to or redesigned slightly. You will be able to get the overall price lower still by choosing a reconditioned stairlift.

A new stairlift will cost a lot, just like any new electrical product will. However, if you do want to keep stairlift prices down, then a reconditioned one will help you do this.

Does Any Home Modifications Need Doing Before You Get Your Stairlift Installed

Staircase of the house

Before you can get it installed, the area around the staircase will need to be able to accommodate the stair lift. For example, an object is blocking the the stairs, this will need to be relocated. This will make sure the person can easily get on and off of the stairlift.

If there is a heating system, like a radiator at the top of the stairs, you may need to move it. This allows the stairlift’s track to run up the wall. This will make sure that when the stairlift stops, there is room for the person to stand up and get off.

Also, depending on what type of staircase you have, rails may need to be installed to ensure safety when the stairlifts are in use.

If you do need to move objects, this could increase stairlift’s cost, so please bear this in mind. Also, it will take longer for the stairlift to be installed.

Consider this too if you plan to install an outdoor stairlift, as there could be uneven surfaces or dips in the ground. This consideration is mainly to ensure safety for the person using the outdoor stairlift.

The Features on Your Stairlift

As with most technology, several features can be included with individual stairlifts. These will increase the price, as you will always pay more for a non-standard model. You could save money on the features if you don’t think you will need them, but always think about the future and whether you may need them in time to come.

A stairlift will have some sort of remote control built into it to allow the stairlift to know when to operate and when not to. There are additional features that you can get installed, such as controls on the handles of the stairlift. These can help people with limited mobility to get the stairlifts to operate.

Some households will have more than one person using the stairlift, so for this scenario, a command button can be installed at the top and bottom of the stairs. The command button allows the other person to get the stairlift to come to where they are. There are voice control systems that you can install at either end. Voice control will increase costs due to the extra technology that is inside each unit.

Stairlifts that include automatic seat or footrest folding will also cost more. However, this feature may be essential for some homes, depending on the size of the property.

The rails are another feature that can automatically move if your property requires more floor space. It can retract back onto the staircase after being extended to allow the stairlift to allow the person to exit safely.

Long-Term Maintenance Costs For A Stairlift

Stair lift

When you buy a new stair lift, it should come with a warranty. The warranty will ensure that any faulty pieces are ratified free of cost. Some companies may also offer a free maintenance check too.

Stairlifts should be regularly maintained, and you should have it looked at once a year to ensure it’s in working order. This is more of a longer-term cost, and each manufacturer may charge different prices for their maintenance and warranty packages. However, these may save you money in the long run.

The above factors will count towards the overall price you can expect to pay for a new or reconditioned stairlift, and the average prices above can change. The best way to find out the exact cost of a stairlift for your individual property is to get an expert in to carry out an assessment. They will provide you with a quote.

It’s advisable to get a few quotes. This will ensure you are getting the best price possible, as nobody wants to pay more than they need to for a product.

Many companies will install new and reconditioned stairlifts that will range from well-known countrywide companies to smaller local independent companies. The company that you choose is up to you. You may feel more comfortable going with a national company than a smaller one. However, as long as a smaller one is trustworthy and established, they can be a good choice.

Rental Stairlifts Could be a Solution to Reduce the Costs

If the cost of a stairlift is too much, another option is to install a rented one instead. This option is a good way of getting a lift if you don’t have a large amount of money at your disposal.

Different companies will offer rental stairlifts, and their prices will vary. You will need to pay an initial fee to have the stairlift installed, and then there will be a weekly or monthly charge to pay. You will pay more for a curved stairlift than you will for a straight stairlift, just the same as a new stairlift. Rental can be between £12 to £20 per week for a stairlift that is curved or straight, based on the lower end of the scale, or it can be a lot more. The area where you live in the UK may also have a contributing factor to the rental price you pay, although not always.

The installation cost for a rented stairlift can be between £300 to £1,000, depending on what the company charges.

This solution is good for someone who doesn’t have money to hand. That said, in the long run, costs could exceed the price of a new one. Always check to see if you can get any help from your council before deciding which option is better for you.

Important Information on Stairlift Costs

Elderly woman using stair lift

There are two useful pieces of information to know about stairlifts regarding VAT and grants.

This information can help you to know if a company is loyal and trustworthy when it comes to VAT exemption.

Stairlifts for individual use are classed as a product that is specifically for someone with a mobility issue. Therefore it has a VAT exemption, which means you won’t need to pay any. Beware of any company that tries to trick you into thinking you have made a saving by them excluding VAT for you. This is not a saving – it’s what you are entitled to.

The second useful piece of information is that if the cost of a stairlift is too much for you, you can get a “disabled facilities grant” to help you cover stairlift prices.

Running Costs For Stairlifts

Many people think about this aspect when deciding whether to purchase or rent a stairlift.

The cost will be the same for a purchased stairlift or a rented one, as the rental agreement won’t include electrical supply.

UK stairlifts are generally run on electricity from your existing electrical system and will only cost around £10 a year to power, although sometimes they are cheaper.

If you worry about having issues with your electrical supply, you won’t need to worry as stair lifts come with a battery. This feature means the stair lift will be able to keep operating if your house loses power temporarily.