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Roof Cleaning and Coating Cost in 2020


If your roof is covered in moss and dirt build-up, it’s worth getting a roof cleaning and coating to give it a new lease of life. We’ve put together all you need to know about roof cleaning and coating costs, to help you have a clear and clean roof.

What’s the price to have your Roof Cleaned and Treated?

A half cleaned house roof shows the before and after effect of a roof cleaning.

On average, the price of a full comprehensive roof cleaning and treatment service is between £600 and £1,500. The cleaning cost can depend on several factors, including the overall size of the roof, how accessible it is, and the type of roof material. If you’re living in London, you can also expect the service to be more expensive.

There are two main types of roof treatments available:

  • Moss removal treatment: average cost between £5 per m2 and £12 per m2
  • Pressure wash cleaning service: average cost between £8 per m2 and £15 per m2

A roof cleaning cost can also vary on the experience of the tradesman and specialist equipment they may have to use to remove the moss and clear and coat roof tiles.

Roof Cleaning and Treatment Prices

Man cleaning a roof

UK Prices (Outside of London)


  • Small, detached Roof moss treatment £500
  • Small, detached Pressure washing £600
  • Semi-detached Roof moss treatment £650
  • Semi-detached Roof moss treatment £750
  • Large, detached Roof moss treatment £900
  • Large, detached Pressure washing £1,500
  • London and Southern England


  • Small, detached Roof moss treatment £650
  • Small, detached Pressure washing £750
  • Semi-detached Roof moss treatment £850
  • Semi-detached Roof moss treatment £950
  • Large, detached Roof moss treatment £1,000
  • Large, detached Pressure washing £1,500+

Additional Costs

Before you get a quote from Quote Check for your roof tile treatment, it’s a good idea to survey your roof and look for any damage to tiles, the extent of the moss, or any tree products (like sap) that may be on your roof.

Broken tiles will need to be fixed before the roof cleaners can begin the roof cleaning service. This will give you a better understanding of what may need to be fixed or removed before the roof treatment can begin.

There may be additional costs for fixing damaged or missing tiles or scaffolding that is required to reach the roof safely. It’s also worth thinking about other jobs that your tradesman may be able to complete at the same time as treating the roof. Consider asking for a quote for this type of work:

  • Exterior painting
  • Exterior house cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Gutter repair or replacement
  • Eaves replacement
  • Facia and Soffit improvements
  • Cladding or installation

All of these jobs will add additional costs to your roof cleaning, but it will be convenient for you to complete them at the same time. On average, smaller jobs like gutter cleaning and tile repairs should cost around £100 – £200 for labour and materials. A job involving scaffolding will have an additional £200 cost, and exterior painting will be considerably higher, at around £1000. Add these into your overall roof cleaning cost.

Labour Cost and Time Frames

Washing Plastic Transparent Carport Roof by Caucasian Men. Pressure Washer Job.

An experienced roofer may be able to complete the work on their own and would charge around £150 – £200 per day in labour costs. Generally, less experienced tradesmen will work in pairs for safety measures, and for efficiency. You can expect to pay around £250 per day in labour costs.

The time required to clean and treat the roof will depend on the size of the roof and how accessible it is. In one day, an experienced roofer can complete a roof moss treatment or pressure wash on a small detached house, with an average roof size of 55 square meters.

If the house is semi-detached or terraced, this can take two days, as it may be more difficult to access all areas of the roof. With a large detached or semi detached house, this can take two to four days, again depending on how easy it is to reach all areas of the roof to clean effectively. Large homes can have roofs ranging from 75 square meters to 150 square meters, so it can take some time to clean completely.

What Does Having a Roof Cleaned and Treated Entail?

Leaves in eaves. cleaning gutter blocked with autumn leaves.

Every year as we go through the seasons. Your roof takes a battering from sun, rain, wind, debris, tree sap, and even snow! A roof is also the perfect place for moss to grow and develop over time slowly, which can start to damage tiles and cause cracks.

If you’re considering a roof treatment, you first need to evaluate any damage in your roof that needs fixing, as it’s better to know about this when you’re finding quotes, than when the work is being completed. To avoid moss growth and tile damage over time, it’s a good idea to have your roof cleaned regularly and treated every few years. This is also a great way to improve the value of your home if you’re looking to sell soon.

Once you’ve agreed on an initial quote from a roofing cleaner, the next step is to complete an initial site survey, where they can assess the quality and condition of the roof, the level of moss build up, and the type of work needed.

You may have already completed this and have a good idea of broken tiles or damage that needs to be rectified. The professional tradesman will be able to advise how much scaffolding is needed, and where the scaffolding and roof ladders will need to be placed.

To protect your flower beds, grass, and patio areas, tarpaulin covers will be placed down before the roof is cleaned. They may also need to remove gutters to prevent loose moss from blocking drainpipes and drains.

If you’re having additional work done, there may be further steps involved. On the whole, the roofers will complete an assessment, set up safety equipment, complete an initial wash, complete the specialist treatment, and finish the overall work.

What Does a Roof Moss Treatment Entail?

Roof tiles covered by moss

A roof moss removal treatment consists of:

  • Moss is manually scraped from the roof and removed.
  • Debris on the roof and in the gutters will be removed; e.g., twigs and birds nests.
  • Once clear, an anti-fungal treatment is applied to all roof areas.

The Cost of a Roof Moss Treatment

The cost of a moss removal treatment ranges from between £500 to £1,500, depending on the size of your home and how easily accessible the roof is. Get a quote today for moss removal with Quote Check.

What Does a Pressure Washing Treatment Entail?

Roof cleaning with high pressure water cleaner

A roof pressure wash treatment will usually consist of:

  • Removing debris and twigs from the roof and gutters
  • Using a water pressure washer to spray and clean the roof
  • Applying an anti-fungal moss treatment to the roof tiles

The Cost of a Pressure Washing Treatment

Pressure washing can often be more expensive than a basic moss removal service and can range from between £400 to £900. This is because pressure washers are specialist equipment that needs to be used with care on roof tiles to remove the moss, and generally clean the roof. Your quote will vary depending on the size of your house and location. Get a quote from Quote Check and understand how much you expect to pay for these services.

Roof Coating

Man coating roof

If you’re having your roof cleaned, it’s worth investing in a roof coating, too, as this can protect your roof from future damage and will help to prevent moss from returning. The average price for roof coating is between £1,500 to £2,000, so it can add a significant amount to your overall costs.

Roof coatings are completed with colored paint that seals to the tiles and improves the look of the roof. This coating will also help you prevent moss growth, help rain to better flow off the roof, and even reduce leaks, blockages, and overflows in the gutter system.

As with any external treatment to your home, this should not be applied to roof tiles in the winter months or rainy seasons, as the coating may not set properly, and will be less effective. Look to complete this work during warmer summer months for the best results. Furthermore, once a roof has been treated, you should look to complete the coating work again in 7-10 years to maintain the high quality of your roof.

What Are the Chemicals in Roof Coating?

There are several types of chemicals included in roof coating, which help to keep the tiles in good condition for many years. These include:

  • Acrylic Polymer Resins – This provides durability, toughness, and strength to your tiles, helping them to last a long time. These resins also provide a binding that holds the tiles together, and protects them from water erosion and cracking.
  • Fire Retardants – These chemicals help in house fires to suppress smoke and stop flames from spreading further. They’re a great safety benefit to roof coating that not many people are aware of.
  • Titanium Dioxide – This is a white pigment that’s included in the mixture to deflect UV rays, keeping your home cooler and helping tiles to last longer.
  • Zinc Oxide – This is the key ingredient for preventing the regrowth of moss and algae. It’s water-resistant and doesn’t deteriorate in UV rays, so it should last a long time.

What are the Benefits of Roof Coating?

Different types of roof coating. Background from layers of sheet metal  profiles, ceramic tiles, asphalt roofing shingles and gypsum slate. 3d illustration

  • Seals tiles and protects roof – The main benefit of a roof coating is that it will protect your tiles from rainwater, moss growth, and UV damage.
  • Improves aesthetics of the roof – If you’re selling your home soon or want to give it a fresh look, then roof coating is a brilliant way to upgrade your home from when it was built or last updated.
  • Roof cleaning included – Roof coating comes hand in hand with cleaning, and you’ll often get a better price for these services together.

Most homeowners consider a roof cleaning service due to the look of their home, but it really has many advantages beyond improving the look. It’s worth reviewing the roof clean cost for your home and considering if it’s something you’d like to undertake.

Cost Affecting Factors of a Roof Cleaning Treatment

There may be factors that impact the amount you expect to pay for roof cleaning, and it’s always better to have an idea of these earlier rather than later. Earlier in the article, we talked about these factors, which can include:

  • The size of your home
  • Amount of moss and debris
  • Accessibility of your roof
  • Type of treatment needed
  • Area of the UK
  • Additional work, like replacing damaged tiles

Does My Roof Need a Clean and Treatment?

Overflight of the roof of a single-family house to check the condition of the roof tiles, aerial view made with drone

There are several visual signs to look out for on your roof, which will help to indicate if it needs treatment. Here are the key signs:

  • There are black or dark green streaks on the tiles.
  • Gutters filled with moss, possibly overflowing.
  • Roof tiles have lifted due to moss growth.
  • There’s moss across most tiles on the roof.

Furthermore, if your roof hasn’t been cleaned for more than five years, this is a good indicator that it needs treatment to maintain the tiles.

Different types of roofs will require different cleaning, too. Generally, UK homes have slate, brick, or concrete tiles, which can be easily cleaned using the methods in this article. If, however, you have a thatched roof, your home will need brushing, raking, or re-thatching.

Will Moss Damage My Roof?

Over time, leaving moss to build up can have a significant impact on individual roof tiles, and can start to disturb the roof structure as a whole. This could include cracks and leaks forming, which can, in turn, damage your attic and interior. We advise clearing moss regularly – every four to five years to prevent build up. Moss and algae are slow-growing and develop over time in a mixture of moisture and sunlight. It may only grow in patches or on one side of your roof, and often it can cause issues with rainwater flow and blocked gutters.

DIY Roof Cleaning

Trying to clean the roof yourself is not advised, as it can be dangerous to reach your roof, especially without prior experience and safety measures, including ladders or scaffolding. If you have completed this type of roof work before, you may be able to undertake some light moss removal on your roof. We strongly advise against using a pressure washer on your roof, as this comes with many additional risks.

How to Find and Hire a Roof Cleaner

panoramic shot of cheerful repairman holding ladder and smiling against blue sky with clouds

Here at Quote Check, we’re passionate about helping you to achieve your home improvement dreams and needs. We have a wide range of UK tradesmen in our network. Use Quote Check to find quotes for local roof cleaners in your area quickly. Our service is quick and easy. We will help you find a trusted tradesman to have your roof cleaned.