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The True Cost of Having Your Roof Cleaned

When it comes to your home, we advise that you employ a professional to do any major or minor job. And roof cleaning is a perfect example of one of these jobs.

Man water cleaning the roof


There are a couple of reasons.

Firstly, an expert roof cleaner will do the job more efficiently, quickly, and will likely do a job that lasts, whereas if you attempt to do the work yourself or hire an amateur, then there’s a risk that the cleaning will end up making your roof look worse. It might even damage the roof, meaning that you may need to get the roof repaired or find someone to replace broken tiles.

Secondly, hiring a professional is essential because it can be dangerous working on a roof. A professional will ensure that all safety precautions are followed. And they will also have the appropriate insurance so that if anything happens to go wrong, you won’t be liable for medical costs or other costs.

A roof cleaning will often be offered via a pressure clean. We determine roof cleaning prices in pounds per square meter. And that means that the larger your roof is, or the larger your home is, then the more money you can expect to pay. A pressure wash will usually cost anywhere between £8 and £15 per sqm.

A cheaper roof clean is available when a professional removes the roof moss by hand, or through biocide treatment. The average cost of this work also varies, but you can expect to pay between £5 and £12 per sqm.

The Average Price of a Roof Cleaning in the United Kingdom

As we’ve discovered, the price you’ll be quoted by a roofing cleaner to clean your roof will depend on the size of your home.

A complete clean for the average British semi or terraced home will start at about £400. For a complete clean, all moss will be scraped from your roof, then the gutters would be cleaned. Any debris that’s on or around the roof will also be removed. After this is done, the roof will receive a treatment so that your tiles will look clean for a lot longer, and moss growth will be staved off.

The same job on a larger semi-detached home or a detached home will cost you a little more, as the roof will be larger, and you can expect a quote of about £500 for this job, depending on the size of your roof and home.

A four-bedroom detached house is larger again, and that means that the price will go up too. Once again, roof cleaning prices will depend exactly on the size of your home but approximated £600 is what you should expect.

If you live in a large detached house, then the same job as outlined earlier will set you back about £800.

How to Treat Roof Moss

Roof tiles covered by moss

If you want to get the moss on your roof removed, then there are two methods of roof cleaning available to you.

The first method will require a professional roof cleaner to scrape all the moss that’s on your roof by hand. Although this method might seem slow and not as effective as one that involves chemicals or pressure washing, it’s the kindest form of roof cleaning available. Not only is this method effective, but it’s also very clean, and there’s no water spray.

The mess can be kept to a minimum, as the roof cleaners will be able to dispose of the moss upon removing it. After they have removed the moss, the roof cleaner will then treat the roof tiles with a solution that can help to slow down moss growth, as well as lessening the change of algae or other things growing on your tiles.

The next method that you have available to get your roof tiles looking like new is via a pressure washer. This method is quicker, but it’s a lot messier, and it also could lead to some damage to tiles if it isn’t done properly. You certainly need to get a professional to clean the roof with this method.

When Will Roof Moss Return After it Has Been Removed?

That entirely depends upon if the tiles are treated after the roof cleaning or not. A clean roof will remain a clean roof if a biocide treatment is given to it directly after the roof has been cleaned. It’s essential to get your roof treated with biocide every few years, as this is about the amount of time that it will continue to work effectively.

If you don’t get your roof treated in this way directly after cleaning, then you’ll have moss and lichen back there within a matter of months. Cleaning the roof doesn’t kill off the spores. And that means that they will still be on the roof after the cleaning unless you get it treated too.

Most roof cleaning quotes will include this treatment after the roof has been cleaned, which is another good reason why you’re better employing a professional rood cleaner to do the job for you. The price is worth it as it will keep the moss away long-term.

What Is the Most Effective Method for Removing Roof Moss?

Man scraping roof moss

The simplest and most effective method of moss removal is by scraping. This is also the kindest method for your roof tiles. If, for example, you live in an older home, then the last thing your roof will require is to be sprayed by a high-pressure hose. This could cause tiles to fall. It might even damage the guttering.

Of course, it’s quick, and it does work well on new roofs. But scraping is just as good as pressure washing, and it’s less messy as well. If you get your roof cleaned by a professional, then they will visit your home for a consultation before doing the job.

They can explain what they recommend as the best method to clean the roof and remove the moss for good. As it’s already been stated, removing the moss is the first thing to do, but every good roof cleaning will be followed by the roof tiles being treated with biocide so that moss doesn’t return, and both these jobs will be included in the roof cleaning price.

How Will a Roof Appear After a Cleaning?

Aerial photos of a home roof with solar panels

After a roof cleaning, you cannot always expect your roof to look like new, but it will look a lot better. If your home has recently been retiled or it’s a home that’s been built within the last five to ten years, then you will find that the roof looks much the same as when the house was built.

If the tiles are older, however, then you will see some deterioration compared to how they looked when the house was new, but they will look completely different from how they did before the roof cleaning.

Is Moss Damaging to a Roof?

Moss does contribute to a deterioration of the quality of your tiles. That’s why it’s important to get a roof cleaning expert onto the roof – they’ll get rid of it. Moss can be removed. And if you catch it early, and get your roof cleaned, then it won’t cost your tiles too much damage in the short-term.

The amount of damage that moss does to your tiles will depend on how long it has sat there. And, also, what the tiles are made from. Clay and cement are two of the most commonly used materials for making tiles in the UK, and, unfortunately, these are particularly susceptible to damage from moss in the long term.

Does Pressure Cleaning Cause Damage to a Roof?

man standing on ladder and cleaning house metal roof with high pressure washer

Pressure cleaning is a cost sensible way of getting your roof cleaned as it takes a lot less time than scraping roof tiles. It can be understandable to think, however, that spraying your roof with a high-pressure cleaner could lead to damaging results.

Fortunately, many tests have been done to determine if this is true or not. And results show that a high-pressure cleaner will not damage your roof in the slightest. It will, however, be a lot messier than having the roof scraped. It’s a question of price, though, for many people.

You can get a pressure clean done in a lot less time than a scrape could be done. And the price of a professional roof clean will often be determined on an hourly basis, as is common with contractors.

In some cases, if the cleaner finds it difficult to get access to the roof, then they might recommend a pressure wash, as that might be easier than scraping. It truly depends on the type of roof that you have. And though it’s possible to know what the average cost is, the price will depend on your home.

How do I Find a Company Near My Home to Clean My Roof?

There are many fine websites, such as this one, that will allow you to search for quotes for getting your roof cleaned. You can see what the average roof cleaning cost is in your area and then invite a reputable company over to give you a quote for your home.

Remember, you will have two different options for the cleaning, and the method that you’ll be recommended will depend on what price you want to pay, how large your house is, how easy it is to access the roof, and also the extent of the moss that’s on your roof.

Always remember that any good roof cleaning needs to be followed by a biocide treatment. That’s the only way to ensure that you don’t need another clean in a short amount of time. This job is best done by professionals, so never attempt it yourself.