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Roof Ridge Tiles Cost in 2020 (Full Guide)


Roof tiles are an important part of any house. They’re there to keep the rain, snow, and other elements from getting into your home. But the fact that they’re there to protect you against these elements means that they’re always under attack from them. And the weather can have a big impact on your ridge tiles as the years go on.

The wind is an especially dangerous foe for your roof tiles, as it can cause them to loosen or even completely detach from your roof. If they do move, then this creates space for the rain to get inside. In winter, when the temperature drops below freezing, the rain can turn to ice, which causes the cracks to widen. This destroys the mortar that keeps them in place.

There are several reasons why your ridge tiles might break, fall, or crack. It’s always a good idea to consult an expert roofer, as they will be able to tell you exactly why your ridge tiles need replacing, and they’ll also be able to provide a long-term solution to the problem. They will also be able to advise you on how to find ridge tiles that match the ones on your property.

The Average Price of Replacing Ridge Tiles

A tiler sliding a clay ridge tile into position on a bed of cement. Roof being restored on a period property. Tiles are over 200 years old.

The cost of employing a professional roofer to fix your broken tiles will vary depending on three main areas.

Firstly, when you get a quote from a roofer, they will need to take into consideration the duration of the work. Next, they will have to estimate how much the material will cost, and then how much their labour is valued at, which will be related to how much time the work will take.

On average, for a professional roofer to mend 1-3 ridge tiles, then you can expect to be charged approximately £125 for material and £100 for labour, with the job taking about two hours to complete.

A bigger job, such as for replacing a complete 10m ridge of tiles with new ridge tiles, will take a professional a full day’s work, so you’ll be charged closer to £250 for labour, as well as £200 for materials.

If your roof ridge is just in need of a repoint, rather than being completely replaced, then a roofer can do this in about 3 hours, costing you £150 for labour, and another £50 for materials.

Important Things to Keep in Mind About Ridge Tiles

Roof of an ancient house with ancient and old tiles.

It’s important to act quickly when you notice that your roof doesn’t look like it used to. Minor issues can quickly escalate. For example, if your ridge tiles have become cracked or have slipped out of their mortar, then water will probably get inside your roof. This is a problem. But it’s a small problem that an expert can sort for you in a matter of hours.

If you leave it too long, however, you’re going to need to shell out a lot more money to get the issue fixed. There’s even a chance that you’ll no longer be able to mend the tiles, and you’ll instead need to get whole new ridge tiles put in, or even your entire roof might need replacing.

There are some temporary fixes that you can do yourself, or you can ask a professional roofer to do for you. For example, after some years, your tiles will be held in place by old mortar and old cement. Instead of fitting new tiles, you can simply get yourself some new cement and mortar.

Mix them together – with three times as much cement than mortar – and bed the tiles into the new cement and mortar. It’s not a good long-term solution, but it will help to hold off too much damage for a while. If you intend to stay in your home for a long time, then you’re better not cutting corners now. You should get a quote from a professional roofer once they’ve had a look at your roof and can tell you what work that needs doing and what price it will cost.

Replacing Ridge Tiles Yourself

Roofer at work, installing clay roof tiles, Germany

If you’ve got some experience with DIY, then there’s a chance you can do some minor work to the roof on your own. You’d need to go up onto the roof, then have a look at the broken tiles, and see if you can find a tile that will match the broken ones.

If the tiles have simply slipped from the old mortar and cement, then you can consider re-bedding them to the roof yourself. But to do all this, you need to think about your safety. No matter what the price of fixing your roof might be, your health and safety should come first.

That’s why your better option is to employ an expert who can fix your roof tiles. They will also be more likely to ensure that you get a replacement ridge tile that matches your current roof tiles, meaning that your roof will look better, thanks to their work. This might not be the case if you do the work yourself.

Key Points Related to Fixing Ridge Tiles

Close-up of flat red clay roof tiles, which are covered by a roof ridge

No one should ever consider climbing a roof, let alone working on a roof unless they have the correct equipment to keep themselves safe.
Roof tiles can be extremely slippy, so always make sure you are wearing the correct footwear, and refrain from walking around on the roof.

The sooner you fix broken ridge tiles, the better. What might begin as a single broken ridge tile will eventually lead you to getting charged a huge price from a roofer in the future. Get the work done sooner. You’ll save time and money in the long run.

Common Questions

What Does it Cost to Re-Point A Small Number of Ridge Tiles?

This isn’t a major job. A roofer won’t need to replace broken tiles completely, so a good roofer can get the job done for you in a matter of hours. It will depend on the specific roofer as to what price they charge, but you can expect to pay around £200 for this job.

What Can Impact the Cost of Replacing Roof Ridge Tiles?

Old moldy roof tile being replaced with new tiles with nobody

A roofer will need to ensure their safety and the safety of their co-workers when they are on your roof. If your roof doesn’t lend itself to easy access or is an irregular shape, or even if it’s in a very bad condition, then the roofer might need to attach scaffolding to your home, as well as netting, and these two things can greatly add to the price that the job will cost you.

Can the Average Person Fix Ridge Tiles Without a Professional?

It’s not recommended that the average person does this job. If you are experienced with DIY, then some minor fixing to broken ridge tiles can be achieved, but it’s not a good option, as this is a quick fix. You’re better off finding an expert to do the job for you.

Is It Possible to Mend a Couple of Ridge Tiles or Does the Complete Roof Ridge Need to be Mended?

Roof ceramic tile arranged in packets on the roof on roof batten

If your roof hasn’t been mended or the tiles haven’t been replaced before, then everything in the ridge will be old, and that means that if one tile is broken, the rest will have to be replaced soon too. An expert roofer will let you know your options when they check your roof.

How Are Ridge Tiles Broken and Why do Some Ridge Tiles Go Missing?

The weather is the main culprit. Years of wind, rain, and temperature changes will eventually cause damage to your roof. Poor workmanship can also be responsible in some cases.