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Finding a mould removal specialist near you can be a tricky task. However, here at Quote Check, you can now get a quote from a local mould removal specialist in a matter of minutes.

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Mould can build up in your home over time, especially in areas with lots of moisture and poor ventilation, like a bathroom or kitchen. Mould and damp can also be caused by rainwater seeping into walls, and reacting to heat in the home. If there is mould or black mould in your home, you need mould removal services to properly eradicate the issues. These mould removing services are important for a complete and professional black mould removal job, that you shouldn’t attempt.

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What is mould and what is black mould?

Mould is simply a build up of bacteria, caused by excess moisture meeting air, which often happens through condensation. The appearance of mould or damp is small circular black collections of bacteria, that spreads across walls or tiles. Things that might cause a build up of mould include:

  • Showering without proper ventilation
  • Water leaking from pipes
  • Cooking without good airflow
  • Rain seeping through walls
  • Not heating or airing your home regularly

Black mould is a larger amount of more dense mould, that can be more toxic to inhale, and can cause allergies or breathing problems, especially over long periods of time. If you discover black mould in your home, you need to call a mould removal specialist to remove this as soon as possible. Contact us at Quote Checker to find a black mould removal specialist local to you.

Where is mould typically found in homes?

Mould and damp are typically found where excess moisture meets hot or cold air. Small amounts of mould can be found in bathrooms, in the grouting of showers and around sinks. This type of damp is fairly easy to remove if it’s treated early and can be removed safely with mould removal products and proper cleaning protection. The more concerning mould and damp is found in the ceilings and walls of homes and is sometimes referred to as damp. It can be hidden in corners of rooms or behind a cabinet or sofa. It’s really important to organise the removal of this type of mould, as it can have a negative impact on resident’s health. If you’re buying a new property, always check the walls carefully for damp or mould.

Can I remove mould by myself?

If you’ve got a small amount of damp on bathroom tiles, or grouting, you can usually remove this yourself with a household mould remover spray and a cloth. Carefully wipe the area, using gloves to protect your hands, a mask and goggles to protect from mould spores in the air. This is how to get rid of mould in small amounts, up to 1 metre squared and prevent mould growth in future.

If you have a substantial amount of mould or damp on your walls, then it’s worth hiring a professional mould removal specialist to treat the problem. When mould is cleaned it releases mould spores into the air, and so a professional service will know how to properly remove mould and provide a service which prevents mould from returning.

Can mould impact my family’s health?

A small amount of mould shouldn’t have that much of an impact on your health, for example, in your shower cubicle or bathroom tiles. However, leaving large areas of mould or damp untreated for a long period of time can have a negative impact on your health and the health of your family. Mould can give off harmful airborne spores that can cause respiratory problems including allergies, asthma and difficulty breathing. Having mould and damp areas in your home is not ideal for your family’s health and wellbeing, and it should be removed as quickly as possible.

How do you get rid of black mould?

Black mould can be toxic, and needs to be properly removed by a professional who offers black mould removal services. Using Quote Check to find a quality mould cleaning company is a quick and easy way to solve issues with mould in your home. Call us for a great quote with your local tradesman. Mould cleaning professionals will have the correct equipment including cleaning chemicals, masks with proper ventilation and protective gloves and goggles.

If your home is being treated for black mould or severe damp you may need to leave for a few days to allow effective ventilation on your mould removal walls. The mould may have also spread to fabrics including sofas or curtains, and to have a full mould cleaning service you’ll need to send these fabrics to a dry cleaner. This should help to prevent damp returning in the future.

How much does Mould removal cost?

Depending on the size of the job and amount of mould or damp in your home, you can expect to pay between £100 and £250 for a professional mould removal service. These services may also be more expensive depending on your location, for example, these services can often be higher in London or inner cities.

If the mould removal is required across your whole home, or there are several large areas of mould removal required, the cost could be closer to £1000, and again could be higher in cities like London. It’s also worth noting that you should be away from your home whilst the mould removal is taking place, so that the walls and curtains can properly ventilate, and your health is not impacted by the damp bacteria in the air.

In general, if you find mould in your home – in the bathroom, kitchen, walls or on fabrics, you should not leave the damp bacteria. Mould should not be left untreated for a long period of time and you should seek a mould removal service if you are unable to properly clean it yourself. If there is only a small amount of damp bacteria, it may be possible to effectively remove the mould, which is why we’ve included mould removal above.

Using Quote Check to find reliable mould removing services is a quick and easy way to get your home back on track, and remove the mould for good. Our network of tradesman across the UK includes mould removal specialists, who offer fantastic damp and mould services to improve your home, and the health of your family.