Most Cost Effective Home Improvements


Increase the Value of Your Home With These 20 Easy Tips

Are you thinking about selling your home and want to increase the value before doing so? The good news is these 20 tips will help you to achieve this and will provide you with ways to add value before you sell.

Most people have thought about the best ways to add value to their homes. Being able to increase the value and afford a property that is bigger or better than your current home is a great achievement. It also allows you to step higher up on the property ladder.

There is a range of home improvements you can do to make sure you get the most value out of your current home. These can be smaller improvements that won’t cost a lot of money, and larger improvements that will initially cost you more but will add value in the long run.

Some improvements may take a bit of time to complete, so plan ahead of time to ensure you have enough time to finish these jobs before you put your house on the market.

1. Update or Install a New Heating System

The boiler room

Ensuring that the heating system and energy efficiency of your home are updated or new is one of the best ways to add value to your home.

Depending on when the heating system was put in, you need to decide if it just needs updating or a completely new system. So let’s start with the boiler. If the boiler is relatively new, it won’t need to be changed, but make a point of checking the boiler to see the energy efficiency of it and ensure it’s up to regulated standards. If it isn’t energy-efficient or the boiler is old, it’s worth investing in a new one.

If the boiler is working well, you might want to add value to your house by changing the radiators instead, but there’s no need to if they are relatively new. When choosing radiators, consider the following points to make the most of this home improvement.

Radiators with adjustable values to change the heat settings are advisable and great value.
Towel rail radiators give your bathroom a modern look and are favoured by potential buyers.
Double panel radiators produce more heat, so they are ideal for larger rooms.

When considering energy efficiency, check around windows and doors for significant drafts – if you find any, seal them. If your windows are old, it may be worth replacing them. If you do, it’s best to go for double glazing. Is your loft fully insulated? If not, it’s key to insulate to stop warm air from escaping.

2. Plumbing and Electrical Systems

Electrical box with wiring

It can be quite a large job if these systems need to be replaced, but if you choose to make these home improvements, they will elevate the value of your home.

Electrical wise, first check to see what type of fuse box you have. If it’s an old fuse box, you should make the change and install a new consumer unit. Newer versions have a safety feature called residual circuit device, and this will help to sell your house. If you’re changing the fuse box, you should also rewire your home. This can be a bit disruptive – access to the wires in the walls and under the flooring will be required.

If you have very old pipework, then the plumbing may need to be updated to add more value to your home. The pipes can get a build-up of residue inside then, due to the constant water flowing through. That will affect water pressure. If you notice a low water flow, it may be worth your time changing the pipes. If your boiler is quite old, you should replace this with a combination boiler, which will provide hot water as and when needed.

3. Structural Defects Should be Dealt With

House wall crack

This should be one of your first considerations. You must look for signs of any underlying defects in the structure of the building. If you are unsure, you can always call in a surveyor or builder first to carry out an inspection. But bear in mind that having a professional check for any issues will be an added cost.

The main burden with structural defects is they will decrease the value of your home. They’ll be spotted easily when the house is surveyed before your home goes on the market. This justifies the initial cost of asking a builder or surveyor to complete a check for you.

Some of the main structural defects that can affect a home are rising damp, subsidence, leaking roofs, and many others. Subsidence issues will cost you the most, depending on how bad the subsidence is and if your home requires underpinning.

If you’re looking for signs of any defects yourself, the most noticeable signs are cracks within your home or cracks on the exterior of your house. Make your way around your home, looking at walls and ceilings for any cracks or abnormalities. There are a few other issues that you should look out for. These include walls that have bowed, any noticeably sunken area in the flooring, damaged or loose tiles on the roof, and rot in wooden beams, especially in the roof area.

4. Increase Value by Changing the Floor Layout

Home floor plan

If your house is small, changing the layout of the main living area is one of the greatest ways to add a spacious feel to the property. It will also add value to your home.

Home improvements, like layout changes, might be a better option than extending the house and will still add value, as many people like open living areas where they can move around freely. If these are currently separate, making a kitchen diner is a good way to make the area look bigger.

Before taking down any walls, it’s best to get a professional in to advise on the safest way to do so.

5. Is a Loft Conversion a Possibility?

Modern loft interior design.

If you add a bedroom or living space inside your loft, it will add value to your property. Loft conversions are a great asset and will interest many potential buyers.

There are different types of loft conversions that you can do, ranging from adding an en suite to even making it a completely liveable space and adding a new kitchen too. Although, this is dependant on whether you have enough square footage in the loft to add these additional features in a loft conversion.

If you do go ahead with a loft conversion, you will require either a skylight or a dormer window. The dormer window may require planning permission, so check this before you choose this type of window. A skylight won’t generally require permission.

6. Build a Conservatory

Conservatory with glass roof

If you want to increase the living space of the house, then a conservatory is a good way of doing this.

A lot of people like conservatories. This may be one of the home improvements that a buyer is looking for, and they might want to purchase a house that includes one.

Ensure the conservatory fits in with the layout of the house and garden. If you have a small garden, adding a conservatory may not be a good idea, so weigh up your options. Think about the initial cost and if it hinders the look of the property instead of enhancing it.

7. Create A New Bedroom If Possible

Empty bedroom

Is there room to add another bedroom to your property? This can be achieved by using a free basement or loft space. But if this isn’t possible, you could split a large room to create a new bedroom.

Many people look for adequate amounts of bedrooms when searching for a property. They may look for a home that has one more bedroom than needed with the view of turning one into their office.

If you’re going to add an extra bedroom to increase the value, bear in mind that it’s a great way of adding value but can also be pointless if your home is already of a higher value than others in your street.

8. Install a New Bathroom

This is one of the best ways to add vaDesign of blue bathroomlue to your home. You will need to decide exactly where you want to install the new bathroom as you’ll need enough square footage to accommodate a toilet and at least a shower.

A master bedroom will benefit from having an en suite, and it will boost the value of your home.

9. Add Sparkle To Your Existing Bathroom

Simple white bathroom

One of the simplest home improvements to make within your house is to ensure that your bathroom looks appealing. It’s one of the easiest ways to add value without too much cost.

Everyone wants to see a clean and crisp looking bathroom when they view your property. To achieve this, paint the walls with a light colour as this will make it feel more airy and appealing. If you have a fully tiled bathroom, make sure all the tiles are pristine. Give them a good clean and replace any damaged tiles. It’s a good idea to put fresh grout between the tiles too and use a mould remover if there is a build-up. White bathroom suites will also add a freshness to the bathroom and overall clean look.

10. Refresh Your Kitchen

Kitchen renovation

Instead of paying out the costs of a new kitchen installation, you can change the look of your kitchen or modernise it by replacing a few cosmetic features. Some features to think about replacing or changing are:

  • Sink and taps
  • Worktops
  • Painting wooden cupboard doors or completely replacing
  • Cupboard handles
  • Fresh sealant around the sink area
  • Clean tiles or paint them
  • Change the flooring
  • Lighting

11. Create Innovative Storage Space

Storage room

It’s essential to create as many storage areas as possible, as this will help you to sell and add value to your home.

New storage areas don’t need to cost a lot of money as you can simply add shelving units to increase storage capacity. You can add shelves to kitchen and bathroom areas and, if space permits, you can even go for a very low-cost hanging wall unit to store pots and pans.

You can create larger storage areas by placing doors in floor space areas to make usable cupboards.

12. Add Unique Features to Your Home

Modern living interior

To stand out from the other houses on the market, you may want to add a unique feature to your home that will draw the attention of a home seeker.

To add a touch of uniqueness consider:

Updating old internal doors to modern-looking or see-through doors to let in more light.

Add an interesting surround to the fireplace.

Update the staircase and remove unnecessary cupboard space. underneath to free up more floor space.

13. Fix The Small Decorative and Cosmetic Issues

Worker painting wall

If you fix small issues with decoration, this is one of the best and most cost efficient ways to sell your house faster. Here are a few decorative and cosmetic issues that can be easily fixed:

  • Paint walls and skirting boards.
  • Replace weak floorboards and fix laminate flooring scuffs.
  • Fix doors that don’t close properly – check handles and latches, too.
  • Fill in any noticeable cracks.
  • Clean any dirt marks.

14. Focus on Original Attributes

Custom built home interior

Your property may still have some original features, and if so, these can help with the value and charm potential buyers.

If you have any of the following, you can either bring them back to life or replace them.

  • Floorboards that are varnished and fully practical
  • Timber beams
  • Mouldings around the rooms.
  • Fireplaces including original wood fireplaces

15. Update Your Old Windows

Workers installing windows

Depending on what type of property you own, your house could benefit from replacing old windows.

If your home is a period property or English Heritage, then replacing windows may be more tricky. Many English Heritage homes are not permitted to add plastic windows to the property.

Newer windows in period properties may not fit with the style of the property, so do some research to see the best way to restore or change these windows. This will ensure you don’t take the character away from the house.

If your property doesn’t fall into the categories above, then it may be worth updating the windows if they are single glazed. Double glazing is more appealing to people and helps with energy efficiency too.

16. Upgrade the Interior

Renovation interior

You can easily add value to your home and attract buyers by doing this.

You may be surprised that minimal upgrades (like some of the suggestions below), can add value:

  • Take unused items out of the house.
  • Create as much open space as possible – no junk.
  • Paint walls in light colours.
  • Wash net curtains and curtains.
  • Go for the clinical look as much as possible in all rooms.
  • Re-arrange furniture.

17. Make the Exterior Enticing

Modern house interior design

This is a very important factor to consider, especially if you have made significant changes inside. Don’t let the outside damped viewer’s impressions and expectations.

Value and appeal can be added if you:

  • Apply a fresh coat of paint if the walls are painted.
  • Clean dirty brickwork.
  • Create additional space and security with a porch – although you
  • may need to seek planning permission first.
  • Repainting.
  • Paint the front door or replace it.

18. Increase or Add Parking Spaces

Modern Garage

The best way to achieve this is by building a driveway at the front of the property. This will undoubtedly add value to your home. Another bonus with a driveway is that it’s low maintenance, unlike a front garden with grass and plants. Most people prefer a driveway.

If you can build a driveway that can accommodate two cars, then even better! But one space is still sufficient.

Before paying the cost of a driveway, make sure it’s accessible and that a vehicle can be driven over any pavements or grass areas before reaching your property.

19. Garden Maintenance Will Add Value

House with beautiful garden

When it comes to your garden, you can choose to give it a good tidy and tackle overgrowth, or you can completely modernise it, which will add value.

If you only want to pay a little attention to the garden, ensure the following:

  • The grass is neatly cut, and there is no overgrowth.
  • Trees and bushes are neatly pruned.
  • Pathways are visible and clean.
  • Clean decking and patios.
  • Remove unsightly bushes or plants.

To modernise your garden with a cost involved, think about the following.

Is your garden in need of some decking or a patio area to create a seating space?
Add a shed or a summer house, although this will cost more.
New fencing, including a concrete base.
Plant colourful flowers.
Add stepping stones or modern paving slabs to grass areas to create a path.

20. Acquire Planning Permission

Agent and client shaking hands

Many people who buy a new home intend to make their home improvements once they’ve settled in. This way, they can create the environment that they would like to live in.

If you have applied for and been accepted for planning permission for various home improvements, such as property extensions, this can add value to your home and entice homebuyers who have these plans.

Another legal aspect to consider is renewing a leasehold if it has fallen below 60 years. This will also add value.