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The Price to Install a New Kitchen Sink


Installing a new sink can be a great uplift to your kitchen, but it may also be a necessity. If you’ve noticed a leak in your basin, dripping taps, or mould build-up, then it could be time to ditch the old one and invest in a new one.

Plumbers are brilliant for fixing up your kitchen sink and making sure the pipes are squeaky clean. Be sure to include labour costs into your renovation budget.

Why install a new sink?

Installing a new ceramic sink in kitchen

Installing a new kitchen sink and taps is a fairly cost effective way to give your kitchen a facelift and make it feel newer. Over time, sinks lose their shine and appear lacklustre and dull. A new stainless steel sink, however, is super shiny and won’t let you down with leaks or mould build-up.

Alternatively, you may be re-doing your kitchen, and replacing the sink is an essential element of the renovations.

When installing a new sink, or dealing with any plumbing work, we strongly advise hiring a professional plumber. They will be able to complete the work quickly and safely, helping to avoid any leaks down the line.

Factors to consider when buying a sink

Male hand choosing stainless steel water tap in furniture store. Home improvement for domestic kitchen.

Several materials are popular in the UK for kitchen sinks. Each has pros and cons and come with a different price range.

The cheapest option is to have a stainless steel kitchen sink and taps set, the price is usually around £120 – £200 and can be bought from a home improvement shop. Stainless steel is a great, cost effective material that lasts a long time, keeps it’s shine and doesn’t wear through. It’s one of the best materials and the most affordable, which is why it’s so popular across the UK.

If you’re looking for a stylish design that is affordable to replace your old sink, consider a composite sink. These are made up of a range of materials, including granite and acrylics. They offer much versatility in colour and design. One of these sinks will cost around £140 – £210. But remember, you won’t get taps to match, as taps are either steel or chrome.

Another option is to have a new ceramic kitchen sink or a Belfast sink. These are large in width and depth and are found in country kitchens, thanks to their traditional style. If you’re looking for a new one to replace your historic and worn Belfast sink, the ceramic texture is ideal. However, your kitchen may not be set up to have enough room for a Belfast sink, so ceramic might not be the best route for your new sink. Ceramic sinks are slightly more expensive and cost around £160 – £250.

As well as the materials, consider the design of your current kitchen. Also, consider whether you will replace your sink like for like. Will you make use of much needed sink space and expand the washing area? Kitchen sinks come in a range of sizes, so you’ll need to be sure to get the correct measurements for your new kitchen sink.

Installation – Doing it Yourself

Stainless steel kitchen sink installation by man. Renovation of the kitchen.

If you’ve previously completed plumbing work in your home with success, then you can probably fit a new sink. Make sure you turn off the water supply and drain the kitchen pipes before you start work, or else you might have a leak! If you’re worried about water spilling, use a small container under the pipes to collect any water.

Firstly, remove the old sink from its nesting spot. Be careful to detach the pipes and not damage the worktop. Then you’ll need to fit the new sink snugly to avoid drips falling through and to make sure it’s properly secured on the worktop. Attach the taps to the pipes and the drain to the drainage pipes. Finally, seal the sink to the worktop using the sealant.

DIY is a good way to save money and lower the price of your renovations, but often, the job will take longer for homeowners to complete than professionals. Doing it yourself with plumbing also carries a risk that something is not completely watertight, which can lead to leaks and damage down the line. We advise you to get a professional plumber for this kitchen sink job. Find a local plumber using Quote Check today and get a quote!

Cost to Install a New Kitchen Sink and Taps

kitchen sink has new faucet installed

Once you’ve chosen a sink and taps set that you like and are in your price range, it’s time to start thinking about the cost of installing your new sink. Some sinks are more difficult to remove and install than others, so make sure you let your plumber know which material and style you’ve chosen.

The rate for installing a new sink is pretty standard, and should only take 1-3 hours of a plumber’s time. The average cost for this job is between £75 – £150 for the work to be completed. If you wanted to save on this, you could remove the old sink yourself, but it’s often easier for the plumber to complete the job end to end.

Use Quote Check to find a plumber near you and get a quote that’s local and affordable. If you’re living in London or a city, you can expect the quoted price to be slightly higher. Similarly, if you live in a remote area, the plumber may add some mileage cost to the overall price of the job.

Consider when hiring a plumber

Handome young Asian plumber installing new pipes under kitchen sink

When hiring a plumber, there are a few factors to consider, as completing plumbing work is a serious task that needs to be done to a high standard. If the plumbing is faulty or badly done, this can lead to leaks and damp problems later on. Look for a plumber with experience and qualifications. You may want to consider a small company or an independent tradesman that you trust. Ask the plumbers about their policy for repairing plumbing issues within 6 months to 2 years after completing the work.

If your home is an older style, it may be that by replacing the kitchen sink, the plumber can complete a much needed upgrade to the under sink plumbing. An experienced workman will be able to give good advice when assessing the plumbing on anything that needs to be replaced or upgraded.

Here at Quote Check, we have a wide range of plumbers in our network. We provide you with a great range of quotes from local tradesmen for installing your new kitchen sink. Use Quote Check today to get a great quote.