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Front Door Porch Prices in 2020


Are you looking to add more storage space to your home, or are you concerned about safety? Then a fully built front door porch is a perfect solution. Or are you considering a canopy porch instead to shelter you from the elements? Then, this guide will help you choose the perfect addition to your home.

If you have always fancied having a front porch built to enhance the look of your home, this guide will help you to understand the cost involved. It’ll also help you achieve this new building at a lower price if you’re on a budget.

To build a porch that is fully encompassed, it can cost between £850 and up to and exceeding £1,500 per square metre. Many factors will determine the actual overall price, such as whether you choose more expensive features or stick to a low budget porch.

All in all, you’ll be looking at around £2,550 to £3,000 for a lower budget porch, at 3 square metres. If you want to include the higher specification features, then you can expect to pay around £4,500 to £5,000 and over for a 3 square metre completed porch.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Your Perfect Porch

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A range of factors will need to be considered when you’re choosing your porch, especially if you want to keep the cost as low as possible.

As you can imagine, a range of porches can be built with different style features, just the same way as any outbuilding from your home. People have different reasons to build a porch at the front of their homes. For some, it’s aesthetic reasons, and others, for storage. It’s mostly for security, however, as you’re adding another door before the main door to your home.

Here are some factors you need to consider:

Size of Your Porch

There are a variety of porch sizes that you can have built, but, on average, a new porch is around 3 metres by 2.5 metres – a smaller size. It can increase if you require more floor area for your porch. With an increase in the square metre, the prices will go up.

Type of Porch

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When building a porch, you should consider the type of style you want. One that includes more materials will increase the porch cost.

uPVC porches are quite common and can be found on many properties. This is a good option to lower your overall porch cost.

The types of encompassed porches you can build are:

uPVC porch – glass windows and roof
uPVC porch – glass windows and a covered roof
uPVC porch – small brick wall, glass windows, and either roof option
Aluminium framed porch – glass windows and either roof option

uPVC porches will range in price, depending on what feature you choose to go with.

If you choose one of the uPVC porches that have the framework completely made from uPVC – floor to roof – with glass windows to the sides and a glass roof, this will be the cheapest option for your new porch. To bring the price as low as possible, also consider the above feature of the size of your porch. The lower the square metre, the cheaper it will be.

You will pay more for an aluminium framed porch, but if you prefer that look, then it’s a cost worth paying.

The cost will increase if you decide to have a brick wall built at the lower part of the porch, but it will provide a sturdy base for your windows and roof to sit on. If you’re building a small wall, just remember to consider any building regulations that might apply.

Type of Porch Door Installed

Doors for porches can range in price, just the same way that a front door to your property does. If you’re looking for a secure door, then it’s best to choose one with added security features, but this will increase the cost.

You can choose other porch doors, such as sliding doors or just a basic lockable one. These will bring the cost down.

Glazing Options for The Windows

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You can make a saving here if you opt for a single glazed window instead of a double glazed window. However, it’s probably worth spending a little more and going with a double glazed window. These will insulate the space better, and in the long run, they will pay for themselves due to their durability.

Type of Roof

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When it comes to roofs, you have a few choices to select from. These include a flat roof, a tiled roof, and a lean-to roof.

The flat roof will be the cheapest and, generally, will be covered in felt instead of it being tiled.

A tiled roof is the most expensive but will ensure your roof will last a long time. Also, if you want to reduce the cost, you can opt for a lean-to roof, which will slope down from your property wall.

The other option for a tiled roof is in the style of a central point. The roof will slope down either side – the same as the roof on your home.

Guttering is another factor to consider if you choose a flat style of roof. Ensure the guttering is sufficient for draining off the water.

Internal Decoration of Your Porch

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The cost for the internal design aspects for your porch will vary, depending on what you intend to use the porch for.

First, you should choose a flooring type that will best suit your budget. Remember, the floor will be subject to heavy usage, so, for a small budget, vinyl flooring is the ideal option. Other options include laminate flooring, tiles, and even carpet if you want it to have a warmer home-like feel.

If you’re using it for storage space, you may want to include built-in cupboards, so your items are not visible. Another privacy consideration should be whether you’ll require blinds, so you can close them at night or when you choose to.

Fully Encompassed Porch vs. Canopy Porch

If a fully encompassed porch is out of your budget and you still want to build a new feature to the front of your home, then a canopy porch can be installed instead. Prices for this type of porch are a lot less and will still provide protection from the elements as you enter and exit your home. A few types of canopy porches you can buy are made from timber, and these will have a nice peaked roof look. Simple flat canopies are still adequate and look nice.

If you prefer the timber one, then it will cost more and can be built for around £800 to £950.

Do I Require Planning Permission For My New Porch?

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This question should always be a consideration when building any new home extension. You don’t want to complete a build only to dismantle it when you find out they’re not permitted.

The good news is that for most new front porch extensions you shouldn’t need planning permission. But you should check before building one, as there are a few exemptions where planning permission is required.