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The True Cost to Replace Gutters, Fascias, and Soffits


Many UK homes are built with timber frame and brick, and this shows in the rafters. Some homes will have the tips of timber roof rafters in view, just slightly set back from the edge of the roof, which can be an untidy look and means the wood is vulnerable to mould and rot over time.

These rafter tips are also popular with bees, wasps. Birds also like to create their nests there, so it is not ideal to have open rafters on the exterior of your home. More recent homes may have timber fascia boards that hide theses rafters from view and give a sleek look to your home.

If you’re looking for something that incorporates gutters and fascia and gives a smooth look to your home, it’s worth considering soffits. Soffits bridge the gap between the wall and the edge of the roof line. By installing soffits, the area covered by the soffit boards will be protected from weathering and damage, and your home will have a cleaner look and finish.

Soffits are easy to maintain and will last for many years, keeping your home bright and beautiful. Be aware that with a semi-detached house, your fascias may not match your neighbours’.

What are gutters, facial, and soffits?

Chocolate-colored plastic gutter on the roof of the building and downpipe on the wall.

Gutters are the system of plastic piping that effectively drains rainwater from the roof of your home, down into the ground. These plastic tubes are often black, are square, or circular, and sections can be easily replaced if they become warped or damaged.

Guttering is essential for UK homes for proper draining and maintenance. If you need a small section of your guttering replaced, you can often find horizontal and vertical gutter pipes for sale in your local home improvement store. Check out the DIY section of this article to see if you could fit this yourself.

Fascia boards, however, are a decorative feature that is secured to the tips of roof rafters, just below the guttering. Fascias are horizontal and parallel to the house wall. These boards are usually made from timber and painted in the same colours as the roof rafters and windows – often white.

Fascia boards can be bought individually and with the proper scaffolding and equipment, can be fitted DIY or by a tradesman. Use Quote Check to find an affordable local tradesman to fit timber facias. uPVC fascia is also an option, though this tends to be less popular than timber fascia. uPVC fascia can be more complex to fit and difficult to get the right sizes for unique homes.

Soffits are the horizontal covering, usually uPVC that boxes in the timber rafters and sits snugly under the guttering and under the facias. Many companies will replace fascias and install new uPVC fascias and soffits together with new guttering.

It’s rare to have new soffits installed without also adding guttering and fascia boards. This can make the cost to replace and upgrade slightly higher, but it’s most likely that your home will need a guttering upgrade anyway.

Soffits are the final piece of the puzzle. They help to make all the elements of the guttering, fascias, and soffits fit together and create a clean and long-lasting boxed-in look for your home. Using white uPVC is the most popular material for UK homeowners as it complements the white uPVC windows, and is a long-lasting material.

Costs of replacing gutters, facial, and soffits

worker installs the gutter system on the roof

Often, companies that specialise in installing soffits will combine fascias soffits and guttering into one large project. This is because it can be difficult to attach soffits to existing fascias; they may be worn or rotting in places.

It’s best to remove and replace fascias for a clean and sustainable look. A full replacement of fascias, soffits, and guttering can be costly, though, and it’s important to cover all the open roof areas of your home consistently. The cost to replace fascias and install the soffits and guttering package is around £100 per metre.

This per metre figure is a good way to estimate the cost to replace fascias on your home. Make sure you accurately measure all areas that you want to be covered, which may include a garage or porch as well. Once you have this figure in metres, times it by our estimated cost of £100 per metre. You may need to add a little extra for the downward gutter tubes replacement and specialist labour costs.

Here are some example pricing models:

For a semi-detached house, adding new fascia and soffit boards front and back, the cost would be around £1,200 to £1,500.

For a semi-detached house that needs fascias and soffits on three sides of the house, the average cost would be slightly higher at £1,700 to £2,000. If you’re adding a garage or porch into your estimation, the costs will, again, be higher.

Scaling up to a detached house, to install new soffits, fascias, and guttering, the average cost would be £2,600 to £3,000.

For a terraced home, there are more factors to consider. It may be more difficult to fit fascias soffits, especially to the back of the house if there is limited garden access. It’s best to get a quote from Quote Check to understand the costs involved in full replacement of soffits and guttering on a terraced home.

Installing soffits and guttering

construction worker mounts a soffit on the roof eaves

When comparing quotes for soffit installations, be sure to include labour costs and any additional costs like scaffolding. There are often roofers and companies that specialise in replacement soffits and will give a fair and rounded quote. Here at Quote Check, we have a wide range of roofers in our network who can offer you quotes for new fascias and soffits.

The job of replacing and installing new fascia, soffits, and guttering should take no more than two days and should be completed by experienced tradesmen who are safe working at height.

There may be an additional cost for scaffolding, which is around £250 per day. Alternatively, the company may use ladders, as uPVC fascias and soffits are light to handle and only need to be secured in a few places, which may not require scaffolding.

Do it Yourself

man installing house roof rain gutter system

If you’re thinking about replacing a small section of guttering or fixing up a fascia with paint, it’s possible to ‘do it yourself.’ Make sure you’re using a proper ladder and are not working alone. If, however, you would like to replace the fascias and soffits and guttering across your whole house, we firmly recommend using a professional to complete this work effectively and safely.

Furthermore, professional soffit companies can often lower the cost of materials through their tradesman connections, rather than buying the materials from a home improvement store. Using a professional tradesman can save you so much money and hassle in the long run. Use Quote Check today to find local and affordable tradesman and small companies that are available to complete this replacement work, for a fair cost.


Workman Clearing Autumn Leaves from Gutter

The benefit of installing uPVC soffits is that they are easy to clean and protect your home and rafters from many weathering elements. They protect from wind and rain, help to prevent cracks in bricks and mortar, and prevent bees, wasps, hornets, and birds from nesting in the eaves.

Once installed, uPVC fascia and soffit can be cleaned often and will last many years before they need replacing again. Use soap and water to remove grime and mould build-up, especially if you’ve chosen white soffits.

On the other hand, timber can be more of a hassle to maintain, which is why timber fascia and soffit are the less popular choice for UK homeowners. Over time, timber can wear away and become mouldy or rotten.

Not only does this taint the appearance of your home, but it can also damage the structure of the timber roof. Timber also needs to be painted every 5 to 10 years to keep the appearance bright and clean.

Remember to also maintain your guttering system by cleaning out leaves and debris that might build up and cause rainwater to spill out onto the fascia. Many homeowners clear moss and leaves from guttering themselves, by carefully using ladders and long poles. If you live in a wooded area, you may choose to add a wire net to the top of your guttering to prevent debris from settling.

Replacing fascias, soffits and guttering is a great way to improve the exterior look of your home and to keep it clean for many years. Use Quote Check to find a quote from a local tradesman or company that specialises in installing new soffits, and can offer you affordable and competitive quotes.

We recommend using uPVC for fascia and soffits fittings, and also having the gutter system replaced at the same time. uPVC is a hard-wearing plastic that will last for many years to come and is often cheaper than timber, which will help to reduce the overall cost of this project.

For most homeowners, this complex fascia project should cost no more than £2,500. It’s a cost effective way to improve the exterior look of your home and to keep it well maintained for many years.

Above, we looked at examples for different types of houses, and the potential cost involved for each house size. Post your job on Quote Check today to get a range of affordable quotes from tradesmen and companies local to you.