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Cost of Hardwood Windows in 2020


Wooden windows can enhance the looks of any home. They are particularly well-suited to older homes, but they can easily improve the looks of a newly built home too. Compared to UPVC windows, wooden windows simply look better in unison with the brickwork of a home.

The biggest drawback to wooden windows, however, is that they are susceptible to weathering. And after some years, the constant barrage of wind, rain, and snow, as well as changing temperatures, can lead to the wooden windows deteriorating.

This makes the windows look worse, and it can also cause the seal to break, meaning that you will get a draft in your home. This is the main reason why someone would want to replace the windows in their home. But in some cases, you can have them repaired instead. We’ll cover all of this. Let’s first look at what types of hardwood windows are available.

What Type of Hardwood Windows are Available?

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If you’ve got wooden windows, then it’s likely that they will fall into two different categories. There are other types of window frames made from hardwood available, but most timber windows will be either ‘Box Sash Windows,’ or they will be ‘Casement Windows.’ It’s important to know which of the two that you’ve got or want to get as it will affect the cost of replacing them.

Box sash windows have been around for a long time, and their defining feature is that they can be opened and closed by sliding one of the panels (usually the bottom panel) vertically.

Casement windows are also a very common type of timber windows. These windows can be found in a variety of styles. Unlike box sash windows, casement windows open like a door. That means that they have a hinge that connects them to the window frames.

How Much do Windows Cost?

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Window prices will always differ on the type of windows that you buy, as well as the materials that you choose to have the windows made from. Prices will also depend on the fitters that you hire, as you will need to pay for their labour time.

Some styles of timber windows will always cost more than others. For example, you can always expect that the prices of casement-style windows are always a lot cheaper than box sash windows. In fact, you will find that the latter cost almost half of the former.

It’s also important to remember that wooden windows are always going to be more expensive than UPVC windows. When it comes to a wooden window, then the type of wood that is used for the timber windows will also impact on cost. Prices of timber windows that are made from woods like ebony or mahogany will cost a lot more than a light wood, such as oak.

What to Consider Before Purchasing New Hardwood Windows

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It’s important to realise that you have options. Just because your window frames are weathered or you have found that your timber windows are letting in drafts doesn’t mean that you have to start the search to find new windows immediately.

When it comes to options, the first thing that you can consider is to call up a professional window fitter and ask them to visit your home. They will be able to look at your windows and doors and evaluate what the cause of the draft is, and they will also be able to recommend a solution to the draft problem.

For example, draft proofing is a much cheaper way of getting your home insulated without needing to spring for new windows. Professional window fitters will often offer free quotes for this service.

Window fitters might also recommend that you install a second layer of glazing to your timber windows. There are many different forms of secondary glazing available, and an expert window fitter will tell you what is best for your home.

A window fitter might also recommend repairing your timber windows.

All these jobs will cost different prices, but they tend to be cheaper than fitting new wooden windows. Cost has to be acknowledged when it comes to fitting completely new timber windows.

Wooden window prices are undoubtedly a lot more than a repair job, but if you’re intending on living in your home for a long time or you want to increase the value of the home due to the improvement of the looks, then it’s a safe investment.

And remember, a new window frame and window will be completely draft proof. This gives your home better insulation, so you’ll find your energy bills reduce too, as you won’t need to have the heating on for as long during those chilly winter or autumn nights.

Are Professional Window Fitters Required for Fitting New Windows?

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Professional window fitters spend all day fitting windows and doors into homes. They have encountered any issue that you might encounter fitting windows during their careers. They are experts for a reason. And because they are experts, it means that they charge large prices for their expertise.

Perhaps you’re wondering if those large prices are worth spending money on, especially after you’re already planning on spending a lot of money on your new hardwood windows. Because timber window prices are so high, then you should treat your newly made windows with caution.

Even if you are a very experienced home DIY person, it’s unlikely that you have the required skills to fit windows correctly. It’s always recommended that you employ professional window fitters to do the job. Imagine if you scratched your new wooden window when you were fitting it or discovered that your new wooden window is too large to fit into the space where your old wooden window used to sit.

Window prices are already high enough; it’s worth spending the extra cash on getting a professional window fitter in to do the job of fitting the wooden windows.

How to Reduce the Price of New Wooden Windows and Double Glazing

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Many people dread the thought of having to order windows. Why? Because there are so many horror stories of people paying extortionate prices for a new set of windows. There’s no doubt that there are some aggressive salespeople around who are keen to get you to overpay for your windows. Fortunately, there are some proven tips that you can follow to ensure that you don’t end up in this situation.

The first thing that anyone who wants to get their windows replaced needs to do. Research. Look around online. Acquaint yourself with the prices of windows. Check how much it costs for different materials. Measure each window in your home, so you know exactly what sizes you’re going to need to purchase.

Then start making calls. Remember, quotes are extremely helpful when it comes to reducing the price of a new window. Quotes save money and time in the long-term. And a lot of window companies are willing to provide them for free. So, get calling, get checking on the internet, and then you know what sort of money these companies are expecting for the job.

Once you’ve had some quotes, then you can isolate the companies that you want to deal with. Now it’s time to negotiate. Remember, at this point, you have got a few companies to choose from. You’re the one with the strongest bargaining position.

These companies will do all they can to pressure you into a quick decision, but no matter what they tell you, the short-term deal that they’re offering will still be there next week. And you should also remember that any numbers that are quoted to you should be done in writing.

Once you’ve got it in ink (or in an email) then you can refer to it going forwards, as there can be no backtracking, no new hidden costs, as everything is right there.

Another good way of negotiating with window manufacturing and fitting companies is to explain to them that you have a good relationship with the people on your road. Explain to them that several other houses on the road need window changes too.

The company will be keen to do a good job on your home as they will know that your neighbours might ask for them to do the same job on their homes.