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Bi-fold doors are a brilliant option to add a feature to your home that brings in more natural light and fresh air than traditional windows or french doors. Aluminium bi-fold doors are usually the most popular as they are light, easy to maintain and keep their quality over time.

If you’re thinking about getting a bifold door for your home rather than a large window, have a look at our handy guide and contact us to get a quote for an installation service local to you. We recommend using an aluminium frame for your door as this is the most versatile and cost effective option.

How do bifold doors work?

Bifolding doors are a collection of multiple door panels, usually glass, that open by folding against each other in a concertina style. The aluminium bi-fold doors have a tracking system at the top and bottom which allows them to smoothly open and close. The first door usually has a locking system and can be opened independently from the following panels. The sliding tracking system tends to work best with aluminium bi-fold doors as these are lighter than other materials. A bi-fold door is a great alternative to large windows, and look good in homes all across the United Kingdom.

What are the benefits of bi-folding doors?

Bi-folding doors are a brilliant way to let in lots of natural light, especially if your home is south facing, and they are popular with self-built and renovated homes. Natural light has been proven to positively impact wellbeing, meaning that bi-fold doors are a great use of otherwise wasted wall space.

Most bi-fold doors open out onto a patio or garden space to increase the access to outdoors. This model is perfect for events and parties where people can move freely between outside and in, which you can’t get from large windows.

Doors in this style are also versatile because the first door can be opened separately from the row, so if you’re just popping out or letting in a gentle breeze, you don’t have to move all the panels.

If you’re building a kitchen extension, or re-modelling a traditional London period home, bifold doors are a brilliant option to get additional light, air and to modernise the look and feel of your design.

Are sliding doors available in different materials?

Bifold and sliding doors are usually available in 3 different material frames, aluminium, timber or PVCu, each with large clear glass double glazing panes. Each frame material has it’s pros and cons, and it’s worth researching which would be best for your home and garden before you buy. Also consider the materials used in your windows across your home and neighbouring English houses.

Aluminium frames are the most versatile door, because they are light and come in a range of finishes and colours. They can also be made smaller or larger so that your space will be well used with fewer doors. Aluminium bifold doors are easy to maintain and will last through the years, with little damage from sun and rain.

Timber is another option, which gives a homely and rustic look to homes in a range of stains and colours. Timber however can wear down over time from sun or rain damage, and can be heavy, plus the weight of double glazing and difficult to maintain. Timber frames will require painting and varnishing to keep a good appearance over time.

The final option is PVCu doors, which many windows and doors are now made from. These are usually the cheapest option and provide good quality, but are sometimes lacking in the quality of finish and appearance compared to more expensive aluminium bi-fold doors. Bi-fold doors in many UK locations offer a wide range of PVCu options.

Will installing bi-fold doors cost me more in heating bills?

Installation of aluminium bi-fold doors shouldn’t cost you more in heating than regular windows if they are properly secured and installed. The double glazing in the panes should prevent a large amount of hot or warm air coming through, and if you design the space well, you can save heating in other areas. As you may lose wall space with aluminium bi-fold doors, you may also lose a space for radiators, which is why underfloor heating is a brilliant option for a kitchen extension. Call us for information on underfloor heating or check out our article which explains more.

Do I need planning permission to install aluminum bi-fold doors?

You do not need planning permission to install bi-fold doors, but it’s important to include them on any building plans for extension or redevelopment, the same way you would include windows. If you live in a listed home, conservation area or built up city like London, you should also check the local requirements that may specify which material of doors you can use. It can be more difficult to get local approval for bifold doors compared to windows, have a look at homes in your area to see if anyone has installed aluminium bifold doors successfully.

In a city they may request that you use a particular finish on the aluminium doors, in which case it’s good to use a local company like Bifold Doors, who will have specialist experience. Fill out our form above to find specialist companies at competitive prices. Make sure your bi-folding door meets requirements to avoid costly changes further into the project. Contact us to find an installer service local to you.

What’s the cost of installation of bifold doors?

The cost of purchasing bi-fold doors can often depend on the material you use, with Timber being the most expensive, and aluminium bi-fold doors can offer a cheaper alternative. Installing a bi-fold door can come with additional costs depending on the tradesman or company you are using. For example, your window supplier may offer home delivery and installations, or the builder you are using for the extension may be experienced to install the bi-fold door. Alternatively, you may just need an independent tradesman to assist and you can contact us for a quote to install your aluminium bi-fold doors London or anywhere across the UK.

How do I find a local installer?

At Quote Check we’re determined to bring you the best local tradesman to provide quotes for essential services like windows and doors installation. Use Quote Check to get a great quote to have your aluminium bi-fold doors installed, for high quality service and great price. We have a network of tradesman across the UK, so it’s quick and easy to find someone local to you who can assist in your home renovation.