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Welcome to Quote Check.

Soon to be the UK’s largest quote checker website.

Here at Quote Check we understand the costs of improving your home and garden and want to help you find the best and most affordable tradesmen for the job. We’ve brought together tradesmen from across the UK and created an easy search option to quickly find the one for you. Unsure of what a good quote might be? Take a look at our price guides today or specialists near you.

How Our Quotes Work

1 – Create your Job: Create a short post listing the details of your job including budget, scale and time

2 – Free Quotes: We find tradesmen local to you who provide you with free quotes

3 – Job Completion: Match with the best tradesman and get the job done, at a great price

We’re here to help you get the best quotes

From bathrooms to boilers, we all know how it feels when something goes wrong in your home, that’s why we set up Quote Check to help you quickly find a tradesman to meet your needs at a great price. We also are passionate about home and garden improvement, and know the value this can bring to your family and your home, which is why our network includes a wide range of tradesman, for all your needs.

About Quote Check

After a costly experience with a Tradesman, we decided to start Quote Check to help others match with brilliant tradesman at affordable prices. In 2019 we began building up a national network of builders, plumbers, electricians and landscapers to get competitive quotes for our customers. 

You will be able to get prices and quote for a variety of different services. These include: roofing, double glazing, conservatories, loft conversions, windows, guttering, electricians, HVAC, boilers, engineers, builders, home builders, extensions, sheds, car repairs, cleaning, painting, decorating, kitchen fitting, plumbers, bathroom fitters and many more.

You will be able to get a quote quickly and easily without quotation forms. A staff member will call you back straight after running through your project. We will then send you some accurate quotes, leaving you satisfied knowing the cost of your required job.